Pellet Stove Infinity 24

Pellet Stove Infinity 34 ceramica

Pellet Stove Infinity 24 ceramica

Pellet Stove Infinity idro 18

Pellet Stove Allegra ad aria 8 Kw sealed chamber

Pellet Stove Armoniosa Slim ad aria

Pellet Stove Hi-Flame idro 22 Kw

Pellet Boiler Infinity idro Kw 34

Pellet Stove Unica canalizzabile

Pellet Stove Unica moderna

Pellet Boiler Infinity idro Kw 24

Pellet Boiler Infinity idro Kw 18

Pellet Stove Unica

Pellet Stove Infinity 34

Pellet and multifuel line

The tireless and the constant work of clementi company in achieving excellence and technologically advanced products has led to the establishment of a new range of air/hydro multifuel stoves. Automatic and programmable stoves to heat one or more rooms of the house and to produce hot water. Simple maintenance and easy to load. They work continuously also for several days by reducing heating costs offering all the comfort of a shower always hot and an always heated house, all in complete silence and total security.